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FREE cellular POS with Inpowered Lite - 10/5/2005

Announcing the release of Free Inpowered Lite!

Inpowered Lite has all the essential functinality necessary to manage your entire cellular business without all of the additional bells and whistles that are part of  Inpowered.
Inpowered lite doesn't require any software installs, plus you get automatic upgrades. Inpowered lite offers true browser-based cellular POS.
What's more Inpowered lite is FREE, making it the only Free Cellular POS available on the market. Contact to get signed up.

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Version 3.6 Released - 5/2/2011

Cricket Communications selects Inpowered - 10/5/2009

Version 3.0.3 Released - 3/23/2009


Inpowered has new pricing which we are now offering from our partner company Brightstar Corporation. Please contact us for more details.