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Version 3.0.0.b Released - 2/22/2008

  • Clock-In Clock-Out Enhancements - Force your users to clock in before they can do any sales. If for some reason your users forget to clock-out, Inpowered will clock them out at midnight allowing you to easily adjust the time.
  • Additional Reporting - You will see some very powerful reports in our custom reports including:
    • Non-Serialized Returns Report - showing all Non-Serialized products returned deffective with the employee who return the product
    • POS Metrics Report - This report shows a ton of information including Activations by store, Upgrades by store, Accessories Sold, Merchant Commissions, Warantee protection amounts, Gross Profit, Cost of Goods Sold
    • Purchase Total By Vendor - Show the totals orders or purchases from each Vendor from whom you purchase
  • Mobile Phone Number for Data and Add on Activations - This will allow the mobile phone to be captured to all activations for ease of reconciliation

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Version 3.6 Released - 5/2/2011

Cricket Communications selects Inpowered - 10/5/2009

Version 3.0.3 Released - 3/23/2009


Inpowered has new pricing which we are now offering from our partner company Brightstar Corporation. Please contact us for more details.