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Version 3.0.1 Released - 4/17/2008

We are proud to announce our new release of Inpowered with the following upgrades and featuers.

  • New Carrier Commission Reconciliation Features -  We created some new features in our carrier reconciliation process that makes it even more powerful and allows for reconciliation of rate plans as well as all other add-on services. As you are reconciling your commissions, Inpowered will automatically  create a carrier to Inpowered product name mapping. Some of these mappings will be done automatically and others will take place when you associate the carrier product to the Inpowered product. This will allow us to carry out reconciliation on phone numbers, IMEI/ESN's as well as product names giving much more accuracy and the ability to reconcile all of your carrier commissioned services.
  • Related Products Pop Up - From the sale clicking this new icon will display all related products for this particular product making it easy to add related products to the sale.
  • T-Mobile Activation Pending Sale - For those using the T-Mobile activation interface to Watson, when creating the sale from Watson, Inpowered will now take you directly into the pending sale eliminating the need to do a pending sale search, so you can quickly complete the sale.
  • Return Password Prompt - Inpowered will now prompt for a password  on a sales return as well as on sale finalization if that parameter has been set.
  • New Announcements Order -  When creating a new announcement, Inpowered would default the announcement to the bottom of the announcements list. Now Inpowered automatically inserts it into the top of the list so it is ready to be displayed in that order.
  • Sales Below Minimum Price - Now you can configure Inpowered to keep your sales associates from going below the minimum price, done from the system properties.
  • Close and Re-Open Purchase Orders - You can manually close and re-open purchase orders
  • Edit Phone & ESN on Carrier Reconciliation- When you are doing your reconciliation on your carrier commission statements, if there was a mistake in your Inpowered record with either the phone or ESN/IMEI you can edit those fields right from the reconciliation screen
  • New Custom Reports (Beta)- We have been very busy creating a bunch of new and powerful reports if you haven't noticed. We have added the following reports:
    • Employee Commissions - You can now see what each employee's total commissions are for a date range.
    • Non-Serialized Returns - Use this report to track those defective non-serialized returns. The report features the employee, product name and date of the return with a handy check box for tracking these returned items.
    • POS Metrics Report  - This report features a broad range of metrics for your employees based on product types.
    • Totals By Vendor - Now you can see how much you have spent for all of your purchases to all of your Vendors/Suppliers.
    • Store Totals - See how much each one of your stores is making both in Sales and Merchant Commissions with a couple of nice graphs. 
    • Product Average Price - See the average price that is charged for a product for a date range
    • RON Report - Named after the person who suggested this report, which shows all promotional related products sold for a date range.
  • Electronic Signature Capture and Storage - We are very excited about this new functionality! Inpowered now captures electronic signatures in your contracts. All that is required is a Topaz signature pad. Your receipts will display links where there are signature fields. Clicking the link will allow the customer to sign, at which point the signature is captured and imbedded into the document for printing and storage purposes. Now you can go paperless.
  • Disable Price Editing -  From the system properties you can tell Inpowered to disable price editing for standard users, which will lock the product price at the current price.
  • Required Clock-In and Auto Clock-Out - If this setting is turned on an employee will have to clock in in order to create and sales. Also automatically if the employee forgets to clock out they will be clocked out at midnight.

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Version 3.6 Released - 5/2/2011

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Version 3.0.3 Released - 3/23/2009


Inpowered has new pricing which we are now offering from our partner company Brightstar Corporation. Please contact us for more details.