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Version 3.0.2 Released - 2/2/2009

Greetings from the Inpowered Team, 

 Please take a look at some of the features that are included in this release.

  • Receipt Designer/Editor - Now you can customize your own receipts. From Setup, Sales Configuration, Receipt Designer you will be able to access the custom receipt editor. We have added a very powerful macro language that will allow you to control the dynamic information on your receipt. When you add a a macro to the receipt the dynamic contact will be inserted in that receipt. We have provided a default template to get you started, additionally all of the macros are defined in the box in the upper right corner. Once you are done you can publish your receipt by enabling it, which will replace your old receipt. Please keep in mind that this receipt is for your 8.5x11 paper receipts only. You can change the thermal receipt printer receipt information from the receipt printer properties. Receipt editing is controlled with role functionality.
  • Store Announcements - Up until this release you could only create announcements that is displayed to all stores. Now you can create announcements that get displayed to specific stores. Just select the store to which you want to display the announcement. Also you will notice that the Macro language has been included in the store announcements for dynamic content in the announcements page. Your announcements can appear customized to the users reading them using the Macro language.
  • FCK Editor Upgrade - We have upgraded the custom announcements and message editor with a couple of new features.
  • Global Price/Sub-dealer Module - For those with sub-dealers you are going to like this new functionality! If you and your sub-dealers are using Inpowered you can now utilize this new functionality to replicate product information to your sub-dealers. Our first go around on functionality creates a new product, product category, return policy, status and price for each product in the sub-dealer database. The price and status are locked in the sub-dealer database and can not be changed. All you have to do is edit the product and the information will be replicated to all sub-dealer databases. In the future we will be adding functionality to move information back from the sub-dealer and selectively push product and product updates to certain dealers.
  • Merchant Spiff on a relationship - You can add a merchant spiff on a relationship if you receive additional commissions based on promotional related products. The merchant spiff will get added to your total commissions.
  • Receiving Optimization - We have made the receiving screen much faster now when receiving serialized items.
  • Verizon Charge-back Parser and Reporter  - This tool makes reconciling your Verizon charge-backs much less time consuming. Simply upload your charge-back statement file from Verizon from the ChargeBacks link in Inpowered. Inpowered will parse the charge back information, compare it to the information in Inpowered using the phone number, check for returns and mark items as returned and retract commissions for the charge backs in Inpowered and finally present the user with a charge back report in an easy to read format.
  • Cash Drawer Open - Now you can require that a cash drawer be opened before any sales transactions occur from the parameters screen. This option is set in the system properties screen
  • Contract Upload Reminder - You can configure Inpowered to prompt the user to upload a contract when a rate plan or upgrade has been added to a sale. This option is set in the system properties screen.
  • More Ajax Screens - We have added additional Ajax screens in a few places in Inpowered.

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